Time Flies

How often do we hear these words: Time flies!?

I didn't have any qualms about turning 50 or even 60, but, three years ago, when I turned 70, I had qualms.  They were creepy, crawly qualms that filled my tummy and brain and made me twitch and squirm.  I could no longer find any justification for thinking in terms of "middle age."  What to do?  Well, I guess I will start up a company.  Can't be too hard, now, can it? 

In my youth and middle age, I felt I had a few creative streaks in me along with the qualms.  The creative streaks rolled around in my head a lot, but I could always keep ahead of them.  I kept them in check by making things like paper dolls with the nieces and neighborhood kids or playing games. Several years later, one of these creative streaks gives my brain an inspiration. It says to me, "What about taking some clues from how much these children in your life love to hide and seek?  What about using the hide and seek concept to make a game where, instead of hiding Easter eggs which take physical activity to put into hiding places, you design a game where your children can hide something and find it while you sit in a chair and hold the game?" Hmmm.

So, I get some Styrofoam, glue, markers, tape, Velcro, scissors, poster board, and gold wrapping paper and get to work.  This was at the beginning of 2008 when two of my great nieces were 2 and 4 years old. Voila! They LOVED the cumbersome game I made named "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!"

Time flew by, and ten years later, the qualms took lessons from a Life Coach and convinced me to put this idea out there to others.  So I went to a lawyer's office and became a company called C-KER, LLC.  The next 2-3/4 years were spent doing research, constantly educating myself, working hard, and paying out a lot of money, but now I have an exciting and unique product to market!  Those great nieces from 2008 are now 14 and 17 and have interests other than playing this game.  So I guess I will just have to hang in there a few more years and maybe the greats will provide me with some great-greats who will be just the right age to enjoy "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!"  But I am willing to wait for that time to come.  I'm in no hurry.

Fortunately, the game is now available for you and your children to play. I would love it if, while I am waiting for my great-greats, you would let me live vicariously through your experiences with your children and the game. Also, let me know if I can share your stories, pictures, and videos.  Or, better yet, post them on the Facebook page, C-KER,LLC.  Don't procrastinate.  Time flies, you know!

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