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Candace Eales Shockey

In 2008, Candace Eales Shockey created a hide-and-seek game and titled it "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!" She created this for her great-nieces who would have been the grandchildren to her sister, Becky.  Becky passed away in 1989 of Lymphoma and did not get to play it with her grandchildren.

Almost 13 years later, Candace completed the game and made it a product that you can enjoy with your children and grandchildren

In the year 2020 when C-KER, LLC launched her game "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!", we were subjected to an unknown virus, COVID19.  While doing some research on games similar to "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!" Candace discovered that a beloved game, "Candy Land," had similar qualities to her game.  "Candy Land" was created by a woman with polio, another unknown virus, for children in the polio wards to play with. When Candace was five, another sister who was ten-years-old was diagnosed with spinal polio, so Candace spent a lot of time in hospital polio wards with her mother and sister. 

"Help Me Find My Keys, Please" is dedicated to Candace's sister, Rebecca  "Becky" Eales Green, and, had she known about the polio connection earlier, she would also have dedicated it to her other sister whom she lost to polio, Lucinda "Lindy" Eales Berndsen.